Any bespoke garment is expensive to buy or indeed replace. Taking care of your garment is equally important to us, so we have prepared a few ’top tips’ for guidance and consideration.

Do not ‘over’ dry clean your garments. In most cases, your garment will only need nothing more than a steam and press, which your Dry Cleaner will be happy to accommodate. This is to avoid the natural oils in the wool being prematurely removed.

Most Dry Cleaners close to a Barracks should be aware of the dry-cleaning process required for your uniform.

Ensure any screw-buttons and detachable items from Mess Dress are removed prior to submission to Dry Cleaners.

Do not leave dry cleaned garments bagged. Let them air to release chemicals.

For pressing, follow closely the label guidance. Note some items should not be pressed (e.g. Certain Mess Dress Jackets & Waistcoat).

A sturdy coat hanger will maintain shape. Do not hang items by the neck on coat hooks or pegs. Try not to leave bulky items in pockets as this may lead to sagging.

Brush your clothes regularly and thoroughly. Napped fabrics, such as doeskin (Mess Dress Jacket), will perk up after a light once-over with a clothes brush, and a shot of steam for most other garments will remove wrinkles quickly and effectively. Do not apply steam directly onto doeskin.

Hanging a Mess Dress garment in the shower room whilst taking a shower will suffice in removing minor creases.
Act and treat stains quickly, do not procrastinate, and certainly do not press a stained item. The heat of pressing will set the stain and likely make its removal impossible. Do not use untested home stain removers or club soda. These can aggravate the condition and may create permanent damage.