A. We make our own bespoke garments within our own workrooms and can therefore ensure quality and standards during construction. We only purchase cloth from UK Mills and this combination in the hands of skilled artisan’s continues to work for us as a company, as it has done for nearing 200 years.  We not feel the need to compete, as our customers remain loyal based on their satisfaction.

A. Yes, under the correct EEC Directive it is possible to claim back VAT.
(see attached form for service personnel only)

Adobe Acrobat Samuel Brothers (St Paul’s) Limited
  HM Forces – VAT Exemption Form (84kb)

A. Yes, our customers are very welcome at any of our locations.

A. A bespoke tailor would not recommend this method. It is risky, and you are unlikely to get the fit that you might desire. A tape measure can give you your size, but cannot account for a customer’s shape!

A. This very much depends on make. Fittings are an effective way of ensuring that the garment meets the expectations of both the customer and the tailor. Adjustments can be made during the fitting stage before completion. It may be that two fittings are required. It should be noted that the number of fittings does not reflect on the quality of the finished garment.

A. For uniforms, the cloth is regulated through specifications issued by the MoD/ Regimental Headquarters. For suitings it is very much down to the client, customers are welcome to bring in their own cloth.
Traditionally cloth is measured in ounces and ranges from a lightweight 9oz to heavier 17oz cloth. A simple conversion – 30gms = 1 oz.