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Paul Goodwin MBE Export Manager Samuel Brothers Tailors

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 Can you briefly tell me about your background prior to joining Samuel Brothers Ltd? A total of 42.5 years Service in the British Army (28 years Regular Service, 15.5 years Army Reserve). Service career as list below:

  • 1977-1986: Musician – Sergeant (Drum Major) RAOC Staff Band (Deepcut)
  • 1986-1990: Student Bandmaster The Royal Military School, Kneller Hall, culminating in being
    appointed School BSM. (Twickenham)
  • 1991-1994: Bandmaster 1st Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers (Berlin, Tidworth, Northern Ireland)
  • 1994-1999: Bandmaster The Royal Logistic Corps (Deepcut).
  • 1999-2005: Director of Music The Parachute Regiment (Aldershot, Colchester)
  • 2005-2020- Quartermaster and Welfare Officer, The Royal Military School, Kneller Hall (Twickenham) and Acting Staff Quartermaster Headquarters Army Music and Resource Manager Headquarters Regional Command for all Army Music assets (FTRS).

Can you tell me about your role for Samuel Brothers? – Management and Contract Management.

What skills do you require to deliver your job for Samuel Brothers?  Higher level management experience (Logistics and
Procurement) coupled with excellent communication and administration skills (written and aural), fully supported with fundamental underpinning working
knowledge of all aspects of UK, Foreign and Commonwealth military uniforms and accoutrement.

What training have you undertaken to be able to take on your role in Samuel Brothers? My Service career and in particular my previous experience as a British Army Staff Quartermaster furnished me with the majority of skills required to undertake the role. Some additional training (provided via MOD Resettlement Training scheme) with the Institute of Export and International Trade was beneficial in understanding export policy, procedures and administration.        

What has been your highlight of working for Samuel Brothers so far? Whilst some international travel to the Caribbean has been a highlight, I am proud to work for Samuel Brothers (St Paul’s) Ltd as a Royal Warrant Company and the standards and customer service they provide.

Why should customers and clients turn to Samuel Brothers for all their ceremonial and uniforms requirements? Samuel Brothers (St Paul’s) Ltd is a highly regarded and experienced bespoke tailoring organisation who pride themselves on providing quality garments supported by  a real working understanding of Service uniforms and accoutrement; this is a unique selling point which I believe sets Samuel Brothers (St Paul’s) Ltd apart from any of its competitors.      

Would you recommend a career working in the bespoke tailoring business and if so why? Yes. Anyone entering into the bespoke military tailoring world will gain some fabulous and unique professional artisan skills.