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Lee Dawson Managing Director Samuel Brothers Tailors

Can you briefly tell me about your background prior to joining Samuel Brothers Ltd? I had a full career in the British Army, which differs hugely from what I do now. I had no idea of what I was entering, into, although having worn ceremonial uniforms and knowing what fits well and what doesn’t’, was pretty much the extent of my knowledge at the time. It was a brave move, especially in 2008 when the world of business collapsed. I am however a strong believer in ‘burning bridges’ providing you have resilience, you believe in your ability and prepared to make sacrifices and most importantly work hard.

Can you tell me about your role for Samuel Brothers? I am the Managing Director. I love my work, perhaps not the workload as we are extremely busy at the moment. I
enjoy the customer engagement and the pleasure of delivering a garment that our staff have laboured over to meet the reputation that the company was founded
upon. I can find myself making cups of teas, dealing with policy, or chatting to Ministers of State. That is the beauty of my role.

What skills do you require to deliver your job for Samuel Brothers? I think you need to be conscientious, humble, honest and hard working with a strive for excellence in everything that you do. At times it is tough, not just for the the MD but for the staff. A company is made up of good people who care and understand the ethos of what we do. Without this we have nothing. As a business that is approaching 200 years of trading we must never rest on our laurels. I believe maintaining excellence and keeping it, is tougher than initial achievement.

What training have you undertaken to be able to take on your role in Samuel Brothers? My training has been ‘on the job’. Not always best recommended.

What has been your highlight of working for Samuel Brothers so far? There has been many, achieving a Royal Warrant is ranked pretty high…

Why should customers and clients turn to Samuel Brothers for all their ceremonial and uniforms requirements? Customers can choose where they want to go. I would like to think that customers continue to choose Samuel Brothers based on Quality and Service.

Would you recommend a career working in the bespoke tailoring business and if so why? The textile industry is vast and varied. Undertaking a job that gives one pleasure and gratification in an art or craft could be considered very lucky.