Samuel Brothers and Inspiring The Future help children onto royally-approved career path

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Samuel Brothers has announced a partnership with children’s charity Inspiring The Future to lift the veil on life in the livery business.

Founded in London in 1830, Samuel Brothers is an established tailoring company with a rich history based on reputation and quality. It remains one of the oldest surviving military bespoke tailors in the UK. The Hampshire-based company continues to make bespoke military uniforms using traditional standards passed down through generations.

With such a long, dependable history, Samuel Brothers is a Royal Warrant Holder as Tailor to Her Majesty The Queen. Managing Director Lee Dawson is one of very few people holding a Royal Warrant for both his military career and, now, as a Grantee of a Warrant to Her Majesty The Queen, awarded in 2017.

Having been approached by the Royal Warrant Holders Association, Lee is now planning on sharing his story with young students. On 16 October 2018, he will give a talk about his craft and how to get into this royally-approved business.

The availability of textile industry apprenticeship schemes to young people is a matter close to Lee’s heart. “I’m keen to push UK standards higher for the national framework for the Apprenticeship scheme, and have been working with fellow employers and the UKFT to do this,” he says.

He adds: “Young people aspire to be like the people around them in their everyday life. They cannot aspire to be something they don’t know exists. Inspiring The Future changes this.”

He has already worked with young people, undertaking mentorship sessions in schools and lecturing in colleges and universities. “I was recently chatting with pupils in their first year of A levels. We forget how scary decisions can be at that age; whether it’s choosing a university, what subjects to study or what career path to follow. We talked about the benefits and pitfalls of each route, and how to prepare for obstacles or setbacks along the way. In the end, we concluded that it isn’t always about making the right decision: it’s about making a decision and turning it into the right one.”

“I’ve been volunteering with Inspiring The Future for some time now,” says Lee. “There’s something in their literature that really struck a chord with me. It says ‘We believe that every young person can be whatever they want to be – wherever they live, whatever their parents do, whichever school they attend and however they identify themselves.’ Samuel Brothers is in a strong position to support that message, and I’m looking forward to continuing the organisation’s work with young people who have an interest in the textile industry.”