Supporting our Reserves

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A message from our Managing Director and working with the Reserves of our military.

“I am very fortunate to meet many soldiers from the Reserve who are customers of Samuel Brothers. I am amazed at the commitment they show alongside a full-time job and juggling family as well as their Army Reserve role. Whilst serving (several years ago now) I was one of those who naively stereotyped the average Reservist. Embarrassingly I was so wrong.
I have come across very successful Business Owners, Doctors, Lawyers, Corporates, and other professionals/ artisans, all of which turn out regularly, not for extra income in most cases, but because they enjoy the camaraderie and the ‘change of scenery’. Their knowledge of industry through either the private and public sector should not be underestimated. It makes for a more professional modern fighting force where individuals can bring their skill set to the table enabling much more.
It is important that we do not forget the contribution that our Reserve Forces give in support, not of just our Regular Army, but our country”. 
Royal Logistic Corps soldiers marching